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Changing shape colors

Use your creative side! Our pieces are set up so it’s crazy easy to change any shape’s color—including icon backgrounds!—to suit your fancy. Want to match your company’s branding? Easy peasy!

How to change the color of a shape:

  1. Select the shape you want to change.
  2. If it’s grouped to something else, first ungroup (here’s how to do that).
  3. With the shape selected, right-click and choose “Format Shape
    Step 1
  4. Click on the paint bucket icon and select the color you want to use.

How to match to your company’s brand color:

  1. First, open up something that uses company colors. You'll use this as a reference to match the color in PowerPoint. Here are some examples:
    • Presentation Template
    • Letterhead
    • Logo
    • Website
    • Code of Conduct
  2. Pull your company color reference off to the side, but make sure it’s still visible on your screen. We're using a letterhead here.
  3. In PowerPoint, choose a shape to change color, right-click, and select “Format Shape”.
  4. Then, click on the paint bucket icon to select a color.
  5. Choose “More colors”.
  6. Click once on the eyedropper icon on the bottom left. A circle will appear that zooms into items on your screen.
  7. Move your mouse towards the branded document you pulled up, hover over the color you want to use, and click on it.
  8. You’ve matched the color! In PowerPoint, hit “OK” to finalize.
  9. This color will now appear under “Recent Colors” every time you go to select a color in this file.