[Blog header] 'What can I ask a candidate during the hiring process?' Infographic [June 2021 Gift]

'What can I ask a candidate during the hiring process?' Infographic [June 2021 Gift]

Jun 1, 2021 3:00:00 AM / by Aimee Blanchard

It's hiring time!! 🎉 😸 🎉

Everyone is excited about adding new talent to the team. And one of the crucial ways of finding that perfect hire is through interviews where you can ask all kinds of fun and interesting questions to get to know candidates. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?

Not so fast.

Interviews can be fraught with risks, especially if your interviewers don't realize some seemingly harmless questions aren't appropriate to ask.

Which is why you need June's free gift for Compliance Design Club Members ...


Broadcat's "What can I ask a candidate during the hiring process?" Infographic!

This highly graphic job aid quickly guides your interviewers on which questions are OK, which ones need approval, and which are completely off limits.

Make sure your candidates don't reject *you* with Broadcat's "What can I ask during the hiring process?" Infographic—June 2021's free gift for Design Club Members

By breaking it down with familiar visuals, this infographic focuses your team on what's important: gaining an understanding of a candidate's ability to do the job (in other words, increasing diversity in the workplace and helping to avoid implicit bias).

And because this piece is effortlessly editable, you can tailor it for all your different locations, markets, and subsidiaries: with just a few tweaks, you can customize for local regs or other special considerations based on industry or job duty. Then, integrate it into your hiring process in a snap!

You'll ensure fair and robust hiring, job candidates' rights are protected, and everyone can continue being excited about adding folks to the team. Yay!

🌟 Bonus time! 🌟

Need to spend a little more time and energy educating your team about appropriate interview questions? No worries—we've got an in-depth module that's full of practical examples for ya!

Working hand-in-hand with our infographic, this module unpacks your interview guidance even more. With stoplight charts and a hyperlinked table of contents, it's super easy for your team to navigate through all kinds of topics, like work status, competitive information, military service, disability, and financial status.

And just like the infographic, it's a breeze to tailor, too! In just a few minutes, you can add real-life examples, customize for specific regulations, or add instructions for an updated hiring process.

Yup, it's rad! And it's on sale for the month of June! That's right—what would normally cost Design Club Members 15 tokens will only cost 10!

Collage of slides from module "What can I ask a candidate during the hiring process?"


Two ways to get it!

For free: Already a Compliance Design Club Member in June 2021? Go check your account, you genius, it’s already there! (And if you join before July 2021, we’ll send it to you directly FOR FREE!)

For 8 tokens: Is it after July 1st and you’re still not a Member? 

First, get on that! Get started here.

Second, all is not lost: you can still grab it for 8 tokens. Yup, you'll have super clear guidance to ensure a fair hiring process and STILL have plenty of tokens to spare!

Aimee Blanchard

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Aimee Blanchard

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