Virtual Backgrounds [May 2020 Gift]

May 1, 2020 4:00:00 AM / by Aimee Blanchard



April showers bring May flowers ... and another free gift for Design Club Members!

Last month, we released our Email Signatures, one of the simplest ways to unobtrusively get compliance into every electronic communication you send (especially timely during our current work-from-home culture).

This month we wanted to address another popular way to communicate when working from home: the video call.

Which means for this month, we've got ...


Broadcat's Virtual Backgrounds!

These do double-duty: not only do they remind your folks about key compliance messages in the middle of video calls, but they also hide whatever you've got behind you—messy kitchen table, whiteboard that you don't wanna erase, weird art you got on vacation, or anything else you don't want to share on a call.

May free gift headerUse them to remind yourself and others to keep unrelated work docs out of sight, turn off notifications, or that your convo may be confidential. Or give that plain wall behind you a virtual makeover with a fun office scene!

Just like our other pieces, these are editable and customizable—add your logo, specifically reference your chat program, or update to a different compliance message. It's super easy.

Even better? You can use these even after you return to work—they're great reminders any time you're on a video call.


Two ways to get it!

For free: Already a Compliance Design Club Member in May 2020? Go check your account, you genius, it’s already there! (And if you join before June, we’ll send it to you directly FOR FREE!)

For 8 tokens: Is it after June 1st and you’re still not a Member? 

First, you should really check out our on-demand tour of Design Club. Go watch it here.

Second, all is not lost: you can still buy it with 8 tokens. Yup, you can have a simple way to remind your team of key compliance messages during video calls and STILL have plenty of tokens to spare!

Aimee Blanchard

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Aimee Blanchard

As Director of External Engagements, Aimee is responsible for the strategy behind Broadcat's effort to change the conversation on compliance, including its marketing and external partnerships.