'Values in Action: Giving and receiving feedback' Job Aid [August 2021 Gift]

'Values in Action: Giving and receiving feedback' Job Aid [August 2021 Gift]

Aug 1, 2021 3:00:00 AM / by Aimee Blanchard

If you want your folks to succeed (we know you do!), they have to know how to give and receive feedback. Feedback on performance, feedback on ideas, feedback on conflict—it’s a normal part of any healthy organization.

And it’s also super hard to do well. We’re usually trained to do our thing—sales, engineering, compliance, or whatever—not on how to navigate the messy reality of giving someone else feedback on their thing.

This can result in folks either avoiding conflict altogether (bad), or trying it, botching it, and having it overload your compliance helpline (also bad). 😬

That's why we created August's free gift for Compliance Design Club Members ...


Broadcat's "Values in Action: Giving and receiving feedback" Job Aid!

This comprehensive conversation guide gives simple and straightforward direction on what your folks should (and shouldn’t!) do when sharing feedback.

Enroll your teams in Respect in the Workplace: 101 with Broadcat's "Values in Action: Giving and receiving feedback" Job Aid—August 2021's free gift for Compliance Design Club Members!

This practical piece is structured in two main sections. The first gives your folks proactive guidance on what to do to keep any feedback conversation productive; the second helps them troubleshoot and steer things in the right direction when things go sideways—because again, we’re all human and sometimes conversations go wrong no matter how much we prepare.

Here's the killer bit: each piece of guidance is presented as a contrasting pair (do this, not that). Long-time customers and followers will know we use this technique to help folks build judgment (read more about the power of contrasting pairs in this blog post). If you’ve ever tried to build contrasting examples yourself, you know it’s stupid hard—so we’ve done it for you here!


🌟 Bonus time! 🌟

Do your managers need some extra guidance on feedback sessions, too? No judgment: like we said, not everyone is gifted at sharing constructive feedback, and sometimes folks forget to show appreciation when someone is brave enough to speak up and disagree.

Lucky for you, though, we made a coordinating "Leading our Values" manager version! 🍀

Product preview: Leading our Values-Giving and receiving feedback

Structured similarly to our free gift, this guide explains exactly how managers can set the standard for their team on giving and receiving constructive feedback. Your managers will promote a speak-up culture as they lead by example—with this guidance, folks will feel that differences are valued and people feel rewarded for offering their input.

And as usual, both this and the free gift are fully editable, brandable, and printable. We've got you covered from all angles! 🛡️

But wait, there's more! These are the *first* releases in our Values in Action/Leading our Values series—pieces that are designed to give your folks practical guidance on how to live your organization's values on an everyday basis. Stay tuned for more handy aids!


Two ways to get it!

For free: Already a Compliance Design Club Member in August 2021? Go check your account, you genius, it’s already there! (And if you join before September 2021, we’ll send it to you directly FOR FREE!)

For 8 tokens: Is it after September 1st and you’re still not a Member? 

First, get on that! Get started here.

Second, all is not lost: you can still grab it for 8 tokens. Yup, you'll have straightforward guidance for encouraging civility in the workplace and STILL have plenty of tokens to spare!

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Aimee Blanchard

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