Earn prizes while simplifying compliance with Broadcat Rewards!

Jul 16, 2020 3:00:00 AM / by Ricardo Pellafone

That's right, we're boldly going where no other corporate compliance company has gone ... again.

Last year we introduced Compliance Design Club, setting you free from the one-size-fits-no-one “library” model with a la carte purchases and a free surprise gift each month. Basically, we combined the best parts of streaming TV and subscription boxes into the most customer-friendly model in the business … while everyone else is trying to sell you a cable bundle of 500 channels you’ll never watch.

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And now we're taking Compliance Design Club to the next level with Broadcat Rewards.

Check out this video intro:


join the club

Get short, targeted training—and rewards!—with Compliance Design Club

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What you need to know

Like we say in the video, you’ll always find the latest info in the Rewards panel itself over on ComplianceDesignClub.com, but to kick things off we wanted to include some basics right here. (So, if you’re reading this at some point in the future, check the Rewards panel for the latest and greatest!)

Earning tickets

There are all kinds of ways to earn tickets. Check it out:


VIP Levels and perks

We've got four VIP Levels, each with different perks:

Artboard 1rewards


Earn 100 tickets for every token spent!

Artboard 2rewards

Ethics Explorer

Earn 120 tickets for every token spent!

Artboard 3rewards

Ethics Leader

Earn 140 tickets for every token spent, and you get Priority Customer Support!

Artboard 4rewards

Ethics Innovator

Earn 180 tickets for every token spent, and you get Priority Customer Support!


Cramazing prizes

The prizes you can redeem your tickets for are bananas—you can find them in the Rewards panel:


Get excited—we'll be updating our prizes, VIP perks, and earning actions ... and we've got some pretty awesome ones coming.

Wanna nerd out on the specifics? Check out the latest Terms and Conditions for Broadcat Rewards over here. We answer questions like whether you need to do anything to join (or opt out), when tickets expire, and how VIP Levels work.

Current Members, we've already credited your Rewards accounts for your past purchases—if you've spent tokens, you got credit for 'em! Watch your email to find out what VIP Level you are.


Big picture, Broadcat Rewards is a way for you to get cool stuff to use in engaging your employees with your compliance initiatives.

And importantly, it’s cool stuff that’s actually about compliance, so you don’t have to resort to giving them linty handfuls of leftover Halloween candy or whatever off-brand swag your comms team was going to throw away. (Be real: no one wants a padfolio that has your company’s logo upside down.)

Use our content to teach 'em and Broadcat Rewards to incentivize 'em.

It's that simple.

Ricardo Pellafone

Written by

Ricardo Pellafone

As Broadcat’s Founder, Ricardo is responsible for setting and obsessively refining Broadcat’s core methodology, approach, and vision of practical, useful compliance.