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Compliance Design Club is here AND IT IS EVERYTHING.

YOU GUYS! Compliance Design Club HAS LAUNCHED!

It's time to celebrate: so go ahead and play this air horn sound effect like 10,000 times. I'll wait.

If you came by to see us at SCCE last month, get our Newsletter, or signed up for the pre-launch list, then let's be real—you've probably already snuck a peak at the pre-launch site while we were beta testing with a few early customers.

And now, it's fully live and released!

Check it out now!

Our whole team—plus an extended team of, say, 20 or so folks—has worked insanely hard on creating the most groundbreaking thing you've seen in this field in a long time.

That's right: we built a fun, friendly e-commerce store where you can get the tools you need, when you need them—just like how everything else in your entire life works.


And that's just the header. You need to see the whole thing to really appreciate how simple and elegant it is.

... which is why we made a video tour!


Design Club: The Guided Tours!

That's me, you guys! In our office!

We recorded a video tour that tells you how everything works, how to customize things, how to strategically implement the tools, what it costs to join, and also has many silly jokes—all in less than 15 minutes.

Yes, seriously: you can learn everything you need to know to decide if you want to buy online, in just a few minutes. (Again, like everything else in your life that is not compliance stuff.)

Go to the Clubhouse at and sign up for the video tour—you can watch the trailer and sign up for the full shebang. We screen it regularly and then hang out for Q&A, so if you do have questions you can get them answered live, right then and there.

Seriously. Go check it out. It's crazy fun.


Design Club: The Infographic!

Oh, what's that? You want even more specifics, but in infographic form?

Good news: WE HAVE THAT, TOO.

Go ahead and grab our one-page summary of ten problems compliance folks have and how Compliance Design Club solves them. It's even downloadable so you can show your friends and colleagues!


I know, you're anxious to go ahead and grab that infographic—I called this the "tractor beam" infographic once I saw how it grabbed people from like 10 feet away at the SCCE's conference—but we've got one more thing to cover.

And if you're a faithful Broadcat Blog reader then you'll really love this: our new blog!


Design Club: The Gifts Blog

One of the key features of Compliance Design Club is the monthly gift: our members get a free design tool each month to help them be better, smarter, faster, and more handsome. 

And to help them be crazy successful with those tools, we've launched a new monthly blog that walks through how to use them strategically—and it's open to everyone to read.

Go ahead and tap into the Broadcat Brain Trust (TM) and see how Courtney and I think about design, human behavior, strategic implementation, and measurement at the free gift blog.


(And if you're not a Member yet, try not to get drool on your computer when you see the free gifts. That stuff is hard to clean up.)

So, in summary, Compliance Design Club is completely rad, and we're super excited for y'all to become Members.

Go check it out and lemme know when you want to get started. It only take a couple of clicks.

Take me to the Clubhouse!