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3 things about COVID-19 messaging that will change how we communicate compliance

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3 things about COVID-19 messaging that will change how we communicate compliance.

Fun fact: in the age of COVID-19, we're all now living in the biggest compliance experiment of all time.

Without a vaccine or medicine to stop the coronavirus, the way this whole situation goes depends on how we all behave. And that means public health officials are in the same position as compliance officers the world over—except on the biggest possible scale.

So: what can we learn about how they're handling it? 

That's what this video is about.




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Production Notes!

I think the reason a lot of compliance folks use the "school" analogy is because it's the only one they know. Like, we've all been through school, but most folks have never worked in health and safety. This is understandable, and it explains why so much compliance training and messaging looks and feels exactly like it was written for a law school class: because a lot of compliance leaders are lawyers.

This is still the wrong approach, of course, but that's why it happens.

Now, however, we all have first-hand experience with how public health does things. Let's do it that way.


Yes, there is a place for heavy-duty formats: it's "education," which is totally legitimate but for a much more limited audience. If you are training a new compliance professional or your control personnel, fine. If you are pushing it out to your sales, marketing, engineering, front-line folks, etc., STOP—that's not what they need.

It's the difference between the education doctors and public health officials need on the one hand, and the training we all need to just wash our hands and stay at home on the other.

If this is a new concept to you, here's a link to our video breaking down the difference between "education" and "training" in a few minutes.


Sorry about all the shadows in this one. I'm sitting in front of a window at street level so that's just people walking by. In case it makes you feel better, I'm pretty sure every single one of them thinks I'm a crazy person yelling at the street about compliance.