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Oh hey, we're on a magazine cover!

When I was a young man, I hoped that I would one day accomplish two things:

  1. Be on the cover of a magazine

  2. Have there be a Saved By The Bell anti-caffeine-pill-abuse reference somewhere in the cover photo


Well, thanks to Stephanie Gallagher and the SCCE's C&E Professional magazine, done and done. Here's a box of the March issue that they very graciously sent me:



To be fair, the Saved By The Bell thing was just kinda luck—we did the photo in my office, which is filled with random "look at me, I'm in a creative job" stuff (see below). It could have just as easily been a portrait of Megaman, although the fact that it was the anti-drug Saved By The Bell cross stitch is a nice double compliance message.



You can read the full interview by clicking here. I talk about why I left the compliance lawyer dream job of in-house investigator to found Broadcat, the process I use to simplify concepts, and why you should visit Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.