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How will the DOJ's new compliance expert evaluate your program? [infographic]

Since you're the type of person that's reading a compliance blog, let's go over a few things that you probably already know, but your business clients don't.

[Hey, compliance friend! This post is still gold, but the DOJ released new guidance in February 2017. It's way more in-depth. Read about it—and get a free roadmap to implementing it.]

Here's what you already know:

  1. You know that the Department of Justice has hired their own compliance expert to help them evaluate the compliance programs of companies that run into trouble.
  2. You know that this expert is Hui Chen, formerly of Standard Chartered Bank, Pfizer, and the DOJ.
  3. You've already read the speech Leslie Caldwell delivered on November 2, where she outlined the metrics Ms. Chen will use when evaluating compliance programs. And you thought "well, that sounds pretty similar to the the Filip memo."

But the businesspeople you support don't know any of that, because that's not their job. And they don't have time for the full backstory.

So here's a simplified, visualized summary that you can use.

And if you want the Powerpoint presentation version of this for your compliance reps and internal clients, you know the drill: use the big red button at the bottom and let us know, and we'll hook you up for free.